By Popular Demand: Powder Keg Applied On Site

 Check out this short video of Powder Keg Coil Cleaner being used on-site.
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Huge thanks to our long time client KM Facility Services LLC for providing us with this awesome video!

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Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust!
Death of a Fax Machine! 

We had an unfortunate event in our office. Our fax machine finally kicked the bucket.

Please watch the video memorial of our fax machine below! It’s only 1 minute! Believe me…your minute will not be wasted! 

RIP Fax Machine Play Image jpg

RIP Our Fax Machine

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How To Save On Your HVAC Services?

Just wanted to share this amazing blog from Great HVAC Services.

Great HVAC Services


Oftentimes, getting HVAC services is necessary in order to keep an apartment or home comfortable all throughout the year. And since heating and AC repair services will be done every now and then, here are tips that you should consider using.

Number 1. Use window coverings and shades – as a matter of fact, losing cool air throughout warmer months might increase the work output that your humidifiers chevy chase system does just to keep your place comfortable. The added workload won’t just predispose the system to damage but it can even reduce its efficiency. The good thing is that, by using window coverings and shades, this can prevent the loss of heat while reducing radiant heat from the sun.

Number 2. Seal the cooling ducts – depending on how well the cooling ducts are maintained will determine the efficiency of the AC. By sealing the ductwork, it isn’t…

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Is Your Business due for an Oil Change?

Your vehicle needs an oil change. Three nearby shops are to be found: Pete’s Oil, Jimmy’s, and Fred’s. All advertise fast, great oil changes. All are similarly priced.


You drop your car off at Pete’s and schedule to pick your car up at 9 am. You leave to do other things. You show up at 9 am but you have to wait for yet another three-quarters of an hour until your vehicle is done. You get into your car and there is oil on your steering wheel, your seat is filthy, and to top it off you find a discarded rag lying on your passenger floor. Needless to say, you are not a happy camper!

The next time an oil change is due on your vehicle, you decide to go to Jimmy’s because the price is similar to Pete’s but you are hoping for better service with a different shop. You schedule the pickup at 9 am. You return at 9 am. Your car has its oil changed & is waiting for you. You pay & leave with the peace that you didn’t find anything dirty in your car and you got to leave at the scheduled time.

A couple months later, you need another oil change. This time you decide to visit the third local shop, Fred’s. Pricing is very similar. Again, you schedule pickup to be 9 am.

Thankfully, you finished your work a little early and return to the shop around 8:30 am. As you go to sit in the waiting area, an employee approaches you with your keys. Your car is ready BEFORE the scheduled pickup time. Shocked, you take the keys & pay for your service.

As you thank the shop & walk to your vehicle, you notice your car has been completely detailed. The car is spic and span on the outside! As you take a seat, you notice the dash has been wiped down, floors & seats have been vacuumed, the windows have been cleaned, and the car even smells new! Not to mention, you paid the same price at this place (Fred’s) as you did the two other shops. You are completely ecstatic with your experience!

Car InteriorInstead of leaving, you enthusiastically walk back into the shop. You happily schedule your next visit (in advance) for Fred’s! You leave a tip! You write a 5 star review on their Facebook! You even post on your social media about how amazing the service was & suggest that anyone & everyone go to this specific shop! You have to tell the world how impressed you were with the service!


If you had to choose, what would you pick?

  • Unsatisfactory
  • Meet’s Expectations
  • Exceptional

In our companies product lineup for commercial HVAC air handlers, clients always get more than they expect. Significant financial savings occur because of enhanced performance and labor savings reduction.

What is notable is the majority of our customers do not come from advertising or the internet but by “word of mouth”.  Superb customer service backs up our HVAC product line.

Go beyond your expectations for commercial HVAC and contact us at 800-766-9057 or

I challenge you to brag on those companies or individuals that exceed your expectations. Brag to everyone around you verbally & via social media! Share your wonderful experiences! After all, YOU are the best marketing around. 



Top Benefits of Clean A/C Coils

The CRT Tipster

This month, we’re talking A/C coils. Or as Morris-Jenkins calls them, air conditioning teeth! We’ve got tips and info galore on how your A/C can benefit from clean coils.

What do we have for contractors? For starters, share these tips with your customers! Tell them how clean coils can make their home and business better, cooler and more energy efficient. We’ll also have a post soon on the best ways to clean coils. AND we’ll be sharing an infographic on these benefits soon! Stay tuned! Don’t forget to ask us your coil cleaning questions in the comments or via email:

Photo license: Creative Commons CC0. Photo license: Creative Commons CC0.

If you’ve ever asked a customer, “Do you want a lower energy bill and better air quality?” you know the answer to both is, “Yes!!” Customers want to save money on utility bills and they want the best, cleanest and coolest air for their businesses, homes and families.

What’s one way…

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