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Air Conditioners – Fact or Myth?

This super cool infographic from Mike’s Heating and Cooling uncovers the truth behind four myths about air conditioning! Here’s a preview to pique your interest. Check out the full infographic at Air Conditioners – Fact or Myth? on their blog. Thanks for sharing, Mike’s!

AC myths

Infographic provided by Triple “T” Heating and Cooling


Tips for Better AC This Summer

How can you get the best out of your air conditioner this summer? Here are three useful tips from Progressive Heating and Air: Tips for Better AC This Summer

Check out the full article at the link above or see a few quick tips below.

  1. Aim to set your thermostat at 68°F. If it’s lower, you’ll likely end up wasting energy and shortening the life of your system.
  2. Change your air filters each month to prevent clogging that can reduce airflow and efficiency.
  3. Have your unit serviced by a professional HVAC maintenance technician or contractor each year. The best time to do this is spring – before the heat of summer hits. And be sure to call for repairs at the first sign of trouble.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Check out Progressive’s blog here: https://progressiveac.wordpress.com/

Tips for Setting Your Thermostat for Vacation

Check out these Tips for Setting Your Thermostat for Vacation from Mike’s Heating & Cooling! Great info, including one big tip for how much higher to set your thermostat: 5 degrees higher than you normally set it.

So if you keep it at 70 degrees, move it to 75 while you’re on vacation! Why? You’ll save money AND prevent mold and mildew, which can start growing if your house gets hotter than 90 degrees. Read more on their blog: https://mikesheatcool.wordpress.com/

9 Ways to Maintain Your HVAC & Improve Efficiency

What does a typical HVAC maintenance check-up include? A number of things that can improve your efficiency and reduce your electricity costs. That’s why it’s so important to have your unit maintenanced regularly – at least once per year.

Here’s a look at what HVAC maintenance technicians can do to maintain a unit’s efficiency and cleanliness. This check-list is brought to you by our partners at Energy Star.

  1. Check thermostat settings to make sure the cooling and heating system keeps you comfortable while you’re at home, and saves you energy while you’re away.
  2. Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on the motors. Bad electrical connections can make your system unsafe and can reduce the life of its most important components.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction in motors and lower the amount of electricity used.
  4. Inspect the condensate drain in your central AC, furnace and/or heat pump (when in cooling mode). If a drain gets clogged, it can cause water damage in the home and affect the humidity indoors.
  5. Check the system’s controls to ensure proper and safe operation, and check the starting cycle of the equipment to make sure it starts, runs and shuts off properly.
  6. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils, since dirty coils reduce the system’s ability to cool your home quickly, resulting in a longer-running system, higher energy costs, and a shortened lifespan for the equipment.
  7. Check your central AC’s refrigerant level and adjust if necessary.
  8. Clean and adjust blower components to provide proper system airflow and improve overall comfort. Airflow problems can reduce efficiency by up to 15%!
  9. Check all gas or oil connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and the heat exchanger. If a connection is improperly operating, it can cause a fire hazard and health problems.

What can I do?

You’re probably wondering what you can do throughout the year to lengthen the life of your system and save money on heating and air costs. Energy Star offers this tip: Inspect, clean and change your air filters once a month in your central AC, furnace and/or heat pump. Your HVAC contractor can show you how to do this.

For more, check out this video for five AC maintenance tips, from Rachel Hardy of Angie’s List. Hat tip to this article on the site! “5 Things to Know About A/C Maintenance”