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#MCM : Man’s Best Friend – Oso

Each week, we try to do a #MCM or #WCW post. What does that stand for? Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday! In the social media world, tons of people post their “crushes” (or people they are fans of) on Mondays and Wednesdays using these #hashtags.

Happy Labor Day to you! This week, we’re spotlighting someone super special – Man’s Best Friend!

As you may or may not know, recently everyone celebrated #NationalDogDay. I had the pleasure of coming across an amazing company that is made up of three family members. I think you will especially be intrigued by the 3rd family member.

Get ready for a cuteness overload. Everyone say hello to OSO Handsome – The Boss!


I would say that All Systems HVAC Inc. has the best Boss in the world – 8 year old, chocolate lab – Oso. When Stacey Hawks (Co-Owner) decided to join the company back in 2012. Oso and her were a package deal. Stacey has had Oso since he was 9 weeks old. Since then Oso has became the family & company jewel.

All Systems HVAC, Inc. has been in business since May of 1994. They serve Douglas County, Oregon for residential service and work all over the Southern Oregon commercially. All Systems HVAC Inc. is a family owned, small business providing maintenance, service, repair and replacement of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems.

While Oso may not get to go on the job sites like Tom (Owner) does, he is the faithful office companion and under the desk foot warmer. By the looks of it, Oso enjoys & is quite patient with the donning of outfits but he put all fours down in opposition when Tom tried to put the beekeeper suit on him. It seems Oso is not a huge fan of bees and watches them from afar!

Of all the companies I’ve had the honor of getting to know over the past 6 years, Oso has to be my favorite story. A huge thanks to Stacey Hawks for sending over the pictures and information to feature All Systems HVAC & Oso on our blog. You can keep up with All Systems HVAC Inc. & Oso by liking their Facebook page. 

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Choosing the Best HVAC Company

When your HVAC system goes out, what’s the first thing you do? If you can’t fix it yourself, you find a repairman! But how do you know who to trust? AdvantaClean recently wrote a blog post packed with great info on finding the right company to fix your problem. Their source? Angie’s List.

Check out the post here: “Tips for Hiring the Right HVAC Repair Company.”

What’s on the list? For one, check the company’s licenses. We recommend a NADCA-certified company. We’re members of NADCA ourselves!

Another thing to do? Homework. Look up their reviews online – not just the best ones on their website. Ask if they have references you can call. For more tips, read AdvantaClean’s full article!

Homeowners and business owners: have you ever hired an HVAC company without doing your research? Or did you find a great company by doing your due diligence? What was the result? Tell  us your thoughts in the comments!


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