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National Geographic: 5 AC Designs Inspired by Nature

More often than not, my favorite response to every question is, “I’ll Google It” or “I can Google faster than you”. Very often I run across a word that I’ve never heard before and have to google the definition.

This week I discovered the word:


  1. the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

I ran across this word in an article by National Geographic. National Geographic stated, “Designers are turning to biomimicry to develop better cooling technologies. Air Conditioning uses a tremendous amount of energy, but a new group of designers think they can solve that problem by mimicking Mother Nature’s craftiness.” 

Who knew that Nature & Air Conditioning had so much in common.

“These designs suggest some of what could be learned by applying the lessons of biomimicry to the problem of air-conditioning in particular.”

Fire passes over a termite mound. Here is an image of termite mounds that have survived the worst of blistering hot conditions. Thanks to google I found termites have had quite the influence over our ventilation, heating, & cooling.

Many species of termites in the world live in termite mounds. These termite mounds are made up of soil, mud, chewed wood, saliva, and feces. Oddly enough, the combination make the mounds super strong & even fire resistant. The mound will consist of “chimneys” that allow warm air inside the mound to vent upward and outward. Apparently, termites are quite smart. They open and close a series of vents throughout their mound to allow airflow and circulation, keeping the mound from overheating.

Any of this sound familiar? How amazing that these annoying creatures have inspired our ventilation!

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How to Fix a Frozen Air Conditioner

Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons

Ever have an A/C unit freeze up? Mike’s Heating & Cooling tells you 3 possible problems – and how to fix them in “Help! My Air Conditioner is Frozen.” Number one on the list? Change your air filter! Those get easily clogged, but changing them is an easy fix.

Energy Star suggests checking air filters every month, especially in winter and summer. “If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 3 months.” Find more tips on basic HVAC maintenance on Energy Star’s website.



CRT Wins Social Media Contest: Most Pup-ular Story!

Last week, Acme Controls held a contest on social media to guess which story in their news page was the most popular! Guess who won? We did! A big thanks to Acme Controls! They’re a Chicago-based distributor and repairer of HVAC, boiler and industrial electronic parts for contractors, facility managers and lines of manufacturing. Check out their website here: http://www.acmecontrols.com/.

So what was the winning story? A man recently built his dog an air-conditioned bed, because she was getting hot outside and digging up the flower bed to lay on the cool ground. Isn’t she cute?

Read the full story (with instructions for building your own AC dog bed, if you’re interested) over at: http://www.pawmygosh.com/ac-dog-bed/! And once again, thanks to Acme Controls for running the contest. We’ll be receiving our winnings — a hat! — in the mail soon. We look forward to sharing it with you all.

Update on June 4, 2015:

Our hat came in the mail today! Our social media manager, Molly Tessnear, is wearing the hat, while our client services representative, Candice Eaker, rocks out in front of our product display table. Awesome!

acme controls hat contest

Technical Corner: Putting more Money into Your Pocket

These days balancing one’s finances is an ongoing job. There are “hidden” expenses we all have that follow the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” rule.

A major one for buildings is power loss – up to 20% of what gets spent for energy is literally wasted. Why?

All occupied buildings today have heat, ventilating, and air conditioning. Most, if not all, have maintenance. Techniques used by service workers are not well known, and if you are like me, there are many things one does not necessarily want to know. In general, it appears best to out source the job of maintenance, or have a designated person on the maintenance staff to do the work.

It has been shown by ASHRAE, and is intuitive, that dirty cooling and heating coils dramatically influence how effective the HVAC system is in heating or cooling. In fact, there can be a 20% loss of efficiency with fouled coils. Since the HVAC system accounts for 50% of a buildings energy consumption, at least 10% of the monthly power bill can be avoided.

This amounts to several thousands of dollars per year in most buildings.

Research and development at CRT has addressed this important issue to reduce both financial expenditures and service work. Get in touch with us – more information is just a phone call or email away.