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By Popular Demand: Powder Keg Applied On Site

 Check out this short video of Powder Keg Coil Cleaner being used on-site.
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Huge thanks to our long time client KM Facility Services LLC for providing us with this awesome video!

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Tips from the Girls “Heart, Creativity, and The Power of Words”

This past week Lynn Burkhart, President of Controlled Release, came into my office and said with excitement, “I have a wonderful video for you, you just have to watch it!” So we pulled up the video on Youtube, and as I am watching, I immediately get zoned in because of the beautiful music playing. (I am such a sucker for classical music.)

Before I know it, I am watching this video and it feels as if I AM the man in the video, sitting on the sidewalk. I have a sign at my side stating: “I’m Blind, Please help.” I can hear the pitter-patter of shoes clicking by me and birds chirping and flapping; I can hear the sound of horns from vehicles and water flowing through a fountain; and I can hear people hurriedly slinging change down at my feet.

As people continue to pass, I hear a specific pair of heels walk past, then immediately turn around and come back towards me. Whoever this girl is, she kneels in front of me and doesn’t say a word. I hear her pick up my sign and write on it. As she is writing I place my cold hands onto her shoes and can feel how shiny and polished they are. The lady finishes writing on my sign and then she just walks away.

Soon after the lady walked away, I hear the pitter-patter of several shoes walking and the sound of dropping change, change, and more change down at my feet and in my coffee can. This continues to happen for quite some time. Later on in the day, I hear what I think to be the same heels from earlier. I turn my head and ask, “What did you write on my sign?” She replies, “The same thing, just different words.”

I encourage you to watch the video attached to this blog. It will touch your heart.

DO IT! Go watch it before you read any further.


Try to place yourself in each persons shoes, the blind man, the hurried people walking by that gave change, the people that never stopped to help, and the one lady that changed the sign. We often get so busy in our lives we forget how truly blessed we are!

We have the abilities to see, to write, to feel, to hear, to taste, and we all have the ability to make a difference. Would you care enough to be that lady that made a difference Would you take time out of your busy schedule to stop and change a few words?

If you are a salesman, do you truly understand the magnitude of the words you use? This video shows 4 words not making a difference, altered to 8 words that changed not only this man’s life, but the people walking by him as well. Are you using your heart, creativity, and power of words that you are capable of using?

Perhaps you have an inspiring story to share? If so, please write it below.