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3 Ways to Protect Your HVAC from Metal Corrosion

Corroded coilDo your customers live at the beach? If so, you know their A/C systems need a little extra TLC from all that salty air.

Over time, salty air can break down the oxide layer that protects parts of the A/C from disintegrating. Check out the photo above – those A/C coils are definitely corroded!

How can you fix corrosion and protect your customers A/C systems? Sea Coast Air Conditioning of Florida has three answers in “How the Beach Damages Your AC.”

One of the best ways is to put a protective layer back on the system.

Sea Coast suggests that “applying an anti-corrosion coating to your air conditioning system can help your AC withstand exposure to the ocean air.”

So what kind of coating do you need? Try a micro-coat that is specifically engineered for metal corrosion like Coil Shield. If you use it for your customers, you can keep their coils protected and clean for one year or more. You’ll see less corrosion and buildup, and the coating unobtrusively covers the coils. Call us at 800-766-9057 to learn more.

Contractors: What do you use to protect your customers’ coils and A/C systems from corrosion? We all know coil cleaning is a must, but how important is coil protection to you and your customers?

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