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Did You Know: The Dangers of Air Ducts

HVAC system maintenance is super important and can save you tons of money in the long run through more efficient, cleaner systems. But what about your air ducts? AdvantaClean has a great blog post titled “Air Duct Dangers: Are Your Dirty Air Ducts Making You Sick?

Here are some cool facts from the article.

Did you know 1/6 allergy sufferers’ symptoms are “directly linked to the fungi and bacteria found in their air duct systems”?

Or did you know this fact? “In a typical six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created every year through everyday living; and these contaminants are pulled into your HVAC system and recirculated up to seven times per day.”

Crazy stuff – just gives you more reasons to keep your ducts clean! Or as HVAC people like to say, “keep your ducts in a row!”

Read more on AdvantaClean’s blog.


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What Are You Leaving Behind?

What are you leaving behind in your HVAC system?

HVAC preventative maintenance plans are all about meeting the needs of the HVAC system, so it can perform effectively and efficiently. In doing this, clients save money by keeping their power bills down and extending the life of the air handling unit.

In most instances, maintenance involves: changing air filters, inspecting and adjusting belts and blowers, cleaning coils and condensate drip pans, checking thermostats, and making sure economizer dampers are working properly.

 Even if you do all that, you could be missing one crucial step, a step that could knock you out of work for a week. Without sanitizing your condenser and evaporative coils, you can easily get sick from contaminants in the air.

What kind of contaminants? We’re talking about mold. Mold spore growth in HVAC systems is a perfect example of why our product, Fast Attack, exists.

Just cleaning the system won’t keep mold from developing. The system must be sanitized to prevent mold spores from growing in the HVAC system, which for mold spores, is an ideal growing environment.

Here’s what one of our many valued clients had to say about our fantastic sanitizing product, Fast Attack:

Client Feedback

Learn more about our Fast Attack solution today by giving us a call. We’d love to talk with you about what you could be leaving behind.

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