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3 Ways to Protect Your HVAC from Metal Corrosion

Corroded coilDo your customers live at the beach? If so, you know their A/C systems need a little extra TLC from all that salty air.

Over time, salty air can break down the oxide layer that protects parts of the A/C from disintegrating. Check out the photo above – those A/C coils are definitely corroded!

How can you fix corrosion and protect your customers A/C systems? Sea Coast Air Conditioning of Florida has three answers in “How the Beach Damages Your AC.”

One of the best ways is to put a protective layer back on the system.

Sea Coast suggests that “applying an anti-corrosion coating to your air conditioning system can help your AC withstand exposure to the ocean air.”

So what kind of coating do you need? Try a micro-coat that is specifically engineered for metal corrosion like Coil Shield. If you use it for your customers, you can keep their coils protected and clean for one year or more. You’ll see less corrosion and buildup, and the coating unobtrusively covers the coils. Call us at 800-766-9057 to learn more.

Contractors: What do you use to protect your customers’ coils and A/C systems from corrosion? We all know coil cleaning is a must, but how important is coil protection to you and your customers?

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Your HVAC Coils Need a Strong Cleaning – Here’s Why

You just ate an amazing dinner! Perhaps a mouthwatering steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and whatever fixings are your favorite. Now that your stomach is completely full and happy, it’s time to clean up the kitchen. Imagine all the food that just sat on your plate and in the pots and pans.

Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons

Now imagine that instead of using soap and water to clean all of the dishes, you just simply rinse the dishes with just water. Would you consider those dishes clean? 

Next, imagine that you just finished up a day of working outside in the hot sun. You’re ready to go inside, take a shower and relax for the rest of the night. You go inside and take a shower with just water. Would you consider yourself clean? 

It’s normal to actually wash our dishes with soap to get them clean, and it’s normal to wash ourselves with soap each day.

So what’s the norm for A/C coils? It’s normal that coils be cleaned, not just rinsed, at least once a year! According to energystar.gov, you should get a maintenance checkup on your A/C system every year. And that checkup should include cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. As Energy Star states:

Dirty coils reduce the system’s ability to cool your home and cause the system to run longer, increasing energy costs and reducing the life of the equipment.

If someone suggests just rinsing off your coils, they are cutting corners. Remember, the norm is to use a coil cleaner to clean your coil and then rinse off the coil cleaner. 

Just like you use soap in the shower and soap on your dishes, you should be sure that your coils are cleaned with a coil cleaner each year and not just water

Remember, dirty coils can increase energy usage by 30%! But clean coils save you money.

What are your thoughts on coil cleaning? Do you rinse coils with just water or do you use a cleaner? What type of coil cleaner do you use? Our Powder Kegs powdered coil cleaner is inexpensive, easy to transport and easy to use.

Don’t Send the Janitor: Why A/C Coils Need a Professional

Instant Powder Kegs 2
A contractor cleans coils with our Powder Keg Coil Cleaner.

Want to know more about coil cleaning? Why do A/C coils need to be cleaned? Is washing them off enough?

Arista Air explains why it’s important, how it benefits you, and why you shouldn’t just send in the janitor to clean your coils.

Check it out in their blog post on “AC Coil Cleaning: How to Tell When You Need It.”

All this month, we’re talking about air conditioning coils, tips and info on how your air handler can benefit from cleaner coils. Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget – we want to hear YOUR coil cleaning questions.

If you’re a contractor, tell us how you clean coils and what problems you’ve seen with A/C coils while on the job. What tips do you have, and do you use a coil cleaner or do you pressure wash?

Share in the comments below or send us an email! social@cleanac.com

“A Clean Coil is a Happy Coil”: How to Clean A/C Coils

“A clean coil is a happy coil!” according to the ACHR news, which published this very informative article on how to clean A/C coils. Clean coils also extend the life of the HVAC unit AND make it more efficient. Check it out!


One important thing the ACHR says: you shouldn’t use high-pressure washers, because they can bend the coil fins. We hear a lot of people in the industry do clean coils with pressure washers. Do you?

What are your best tips for cleaning coils? What problems do you run into on the job?

We’ll be doing an article soon on the benefits of coil cleaning and the best ways to clean a coil, and we want to hear your input! 

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