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Top Benefits of Clean A/C Coils

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This month, we’re talking A/C coils. Or as Morris-Jenkins calls them, air conditioning teeth! We’ve got tips and info galore on how your A/C can benefit from clean coils.

What do we have for contractors? For starters, share these tips with your customers! Tell them how clean coils can make their home and business better, cooler and more energy efficient. We’ll also have a post soon on the best ways to clean coils. AND we’ll be sharing an infographic on these benefits soon! Stay tuned! Don’t forget to ask us your coil cleaning questions in the comments or via email:

Photo license: Creative Commons CC0. Photo license: Creative Commons CC0.

If you’ve ever asked a customer, “Do you want a lower energy bill and better air quality?” you know the answer to both is, “Yes!!” Customers want to save money on utility bills and they want the best, cleanest and coolest air for their businesses, homes and families.

What’s one way…

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Happy Fourth of July!

On behalf of the CRT Family, we wish you all a happy & safe Fourth of July! 

Instead of Replacing – Resurface & Recycle

You’ve seen them. Drain pans covered in rust, holes in the bottom, leaking water all over the area. But it can be costly to replace the entire drain pan, or worse, the entire unit. Instead of replacing, we developed a way to resurface and recycle. Keep your drain pan, and make it fresh as new. This family of products will beautifully resurface a drain pan and its surroundings, without costing you an arm and a leg.



We cannot wait to hear from you! Call us at 800-766-9057 or email us at to get information on our resurfacing products V570 & Pancrete.



Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., is a manufacturer of innovative, proactive HVAC maintenance products, industrial coatings, a top-of-the-line floor coating, and more.We look at HVAC industry challenges from the standpoint of innovation opportunity. Opportunities that have become game changer for our clients.  Our goal, always to help people – business owners, facility managers, contractors and distributors – solve the problems with their systems and make them better and longer-lasting.

Why Replace When You Can Renew?

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