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Giving Thanks by Giving Discounts!

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This November, CRT is Giving Thanks by Giving Platinum Discounts!

50% off & Free shipping* 

Algae Guard, PanGuard, Cooler Guard, Drain Rings, Clean AC Kit, Dirty Sox Kit, Fast Attack, Instant Powder Kegs, First Strike Micro Coat, and Coil Shield.

40% off 

Clean Bond, V570, and Pancrete

*Free Ground Shipping within the continental US. 

Discounts will be taken from Price List. Offer expires November 30th 2017. Orders must be $250 minimum. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Happy Early Thanksgiving! – Controlled Release Technologies





When is a good time to clean coils?

Over the years our company has been asked about best practices for cleaning coils.

  • When should coils be cleaned?
  • How to tell if the coils were properly cleaned?

This is the first in a short series of blogs that addresses these issues.

A primary variable that determines ones coil needs to be cleaned is the pressure drop across the coil itself. Usually, higher pressure drops are indicative of a coil that is fouled with dirt and/or organic growth.

IPK Photo Application
Dirty Cooling Coil 

Sometimes the coils appear visibly dirty, this in itself might be reason to go through a coil cleaning. Another factor is that the AC unit doesn’t cool as it should.

For example, a brand new through-the-wall AC unit, such as found in many hotels, might take 3/4 hour to drop the room temperature 8 degrees. The same unit with a dirty coil might take several hours to cool the same room. One major drawback is the unit is running several times longer to do the same work. Occupants can be dissatisfied with the slow cooling. In my own experience, I actually left my hotel room because it took several hours for the temperature to go down.

As mentioned, the unit works strenuously when it is dirty. This increased usage of power raises the electrical costs monthly. All this unnecessary work & money out of your pocket, when you have a solution as simple as cleaning the coil.

Over the past decades, we all have intuitively known that dirty coils drive energy costs up, but few know how much or if it was of any true financial consequence. Since up to 50% of a buildings electrical usage is consumed by the HVAC system, it would be good to know from actual studies how dirty coils affect your bottom line. Is it substantial or not?

Fortunately, the ASHRAE society did a complete engineering study specifically on this matter & published it in their journal.

While the results are not surprising, the affect on your bottom line is. If you do not have the article, feel free to contact us.

Drop us a line with comments, questions, suggestions, feedback on what you do with your coil. Any experiences you can comment with?

Lynn Burkhart – President of Controlled Release Technologies 


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By Popular Demand: Powder Keg Applied On Site

 Check out this short video of Powder Keg Coil Cleaner being used on-site.
Powder Keg Coil Cleaner Image Play Button


Huge thanks to our long time client KM Facility Services LLC for providing us with this awesome video!

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you. Contact us at 800-766-9057 or

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Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust!
Death of a Fax Machine! 

We had an unfortunate event in our office. Our fax machine finally kicked the bucket.

Please watch the video memorial of our fax machine below! It’s only 1 minute! Believe me…your minute will not be wasted! 

RIP Fax Machine Play Image jpg

RIP Our Fax Machine

If you have sent us a fax & you didn’t receive an acknowledgement – Please contact us at 800-766-9057 or



How To Save On Your HVAC Services?

Just wanted to share this amazing blog from Great HVAC Services.

Great HVAC Services


Oftentimes, getting HVAC services is necessary in order to keep an apartment or home comfortable all throughout the year. And since heating and AC repair services will be done every now and then, here are tips that you should consider using.

Number 1. Use window coverings and shades – as a matter of fact, losing cool air throughout warmer months might increase the work output that your humidifiers chevy chase system does just to keep your place comfortable. The added workload won’t just predispose the system to damage but it can even reduce its efficiency. The good thing is that, by using window coverings and shades, this can prevent the loss of heat while reducing radiant heat from the sun.

Number 2. Seal the cooling ducts – depending on how well the cooling ducts are maintained will determine the efficiency of the AC. By sealing the ductwork, it isn’t…

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