Thermostat Control At My Fingertips

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Do you remember the stone age of no remotes? Remember when we used to actually get up to change the channel & the volume on our television? What a pain! What an inconvenience!

Did you ever anticipate that one day we would be able to control basically EVERYTHING by technology. Where does that technology lie? Usually, in our hands – our phones or tablets – RIGHT AT OUR FINGERTIPS!

Seems as if The Jetsons predicted quite a few things that would be a reality! Check out this smart watch!

Source: Youtube

One new technology I personally LOVE in my home is our wifi enabled thermostat. I used to have to get up when I was cold or warm to change the temp. Now, I can open up an app on my Iphone and change the temperature in seconds. Last year, our local alarm company- 24/7 suggested installing a wi-fi thermostat. We heeded to their advice. They installed our thermostat & we have been enjoying it ever sense.

Image Source: Radio Thermostat

We personally purchased a Radio Thermostat CT50e Wifi (pictured). The thermostat itself was only $110 via Amazon .

What a small investment to produce such happiness & ease!It is so exciting to have the option of controlling our heating & cooling when we are out of town or from the comfort of our couch. Not to mention the cost of savings on our power bill from this switch!



  • Puts energy savings at your fingertip with one touch Away button, and even shows you how much you might save.
  • Customizes your thermostat with pre-built energy saving programs that you can fully control.
  • One app for all thermostats. Whether it’s the upstairs thermostat, or a vaca home across the country.
  • Radio Thermostat can be shared with family, guests, house sitters, and anyone else you invite. It can be easily unshared when the guests leave.
  • Built in preferences that adjusts it Energy Star recommended settings with ease of drag and drop control.

Aside from me & my husband having a thermostat temperature war! This thermostat has been nothing short of amazing for our family.


So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to a wifi thermostat. You won’t regret it!



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