Trane Supply’s “Heat up for the Holidays” Promo

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Black Friday has come & gone for most of us but not for Trane Supply! Trane Supply has launched a Holiday Promo “Heat up for the Holidays”.

Contact your local Trane Supply to see if they are offering this promo! Your order does have to be placed by December 15, 2015. Go take advantage of this offer from the leading North American supplier of OEM parts and wholesale supplies for residential & commercial HVAC Systems.

Don’t forget to ask them about CRT’s products.

trane_logo_474.JPGGo check out the two links below to find out what the amazing discounts & rewards are.

Contracting Business: ‘Black Friday’ for HVAC Contractors: Trane Supply Launches Holiday Promo

The News: Trane Supply Launches ‘Heat up for the Holidays’ Promotion


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“The CRT Tipster” is an HVAC tips and news blog owned by Controlled Release Technologies, Inc. We are a chemical manufacturing company in Shelby, NC, that creates products for HVAC maintenance and more! Find us at, or call us toll free at 800-766-9057.

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