What is a Macro Fan?

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We always want to stay up to date on new interesting things in the HVAC industry. Just last week, we saw a Facebook picture of a huge fan! We’d never seen anything like it. So, of course, we had to reach out to our client & get some more info.


Our clients at Woodall Heating and Cooling just recently installed their first 24′ Macro Air Fan. You’re probably asking yourself the same question we were. What is a Macro Fan?

The Macro Fan is an industrial ceiling fan that is used to keep the work place cool at an affordable price.  It is a high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan.  They are used in commercial and industrial settings.  They are mostly ceiling fans although some come as a pole mounted fan.  They are used to supplement HVAC Systems and help to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

Blake Woodall said it was a very easy process, they installed it in a warehouse in the city of Alabama. Blake mentioned that they were able to use a scissor lift which really helped them out with the installation. Had they used ladders instead, the process would’ve taken a lot longer.

Blake was excited to let us know that the Macro Fan was a lot less expensive than other fan’s on the market. Some of the features are that it comes with a variable speed motor and a touch screen pad to control it.  Very cool!

If you have any questions on Macro Fan’s, you know who to call. Woodall Heating & Cooling in Enterprise Alabama. Be sure to go check out their Website & Facebook

Do you have any unique applications that you’d like to tell us about? We’d love to hear about it. 

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