Keeping up with HVAC News Online

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Photo License: Creative Commons
Photo License: Creative Commons

Do you have trouble finding HVAC news, tips or awesome content online? 

You’re not alone. When I first started working here at Controlled Release Technologies (a manufacturer of HVAC maintenance products), I couldn’t find much at all. I had to start from scratch! But I’ve since learned there are tons of heating and air companies online, and many of them post great stuff on a regular basis.

So where are they? From my experience as an HVAC social media specialist, they’re mainly on Twitter and Facebook.

Now, if you’re new to the HVAC industry, or just to social media and digital marketing, you might have a hard time finding these HVAC companies and associations online.

The truth is, despite the fact that social media is super important for HVAC professionals, tons of companies are still behind on the curve. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a dead Facebook page or an inactive Twitter account. That just means the customers who are looking for your company can’t find you. Or they’ll think you’ve closed your doors.

By the way, consumers are 80% more likely to trust a company who has a social media presence than one who does not. 

So. Who’s doing it right and how can you find them?

  • Twitter: We’ve made a list on Twitter of over 200 amazing companies who share great stuff for customers and other businesses every day. Subscribe to it and bookmark the page! I use it as my primary Twitter timeline for CRT.
  • Newsletter: We send out a monthly newsletter to share industry news, cool social media posts, HVAC humor and more. This is a great way to find other news and other people who are sharing cool stuff. Subscribe here.
  • Blogging: Subscribe to our blog to see our posts on HVAC maintenance, energy saving tips and more. We share other HVAC bloggers’ work, so you won’t just see us there!
  • Facebook: We are very active on Facebook in sharing educational, interesting and funny posts! And we’re connected with a lot of other HVAC companies across the country. We share their posts regularly. Join the conversation here. Hot tip: Infographics are the bomb when it comes to Facebook.

If you’ve felt like the HVAC online world is quiet, you’ve just been in the forest. Trees might be falling, but nobody’s hearing them! Come on into the HVAC city. Join the conversation. It’s pretty cool here.

This post was written by our social media specialist, @MollyATessnear. Do you manage social media for your HVAC company? What questions do you have? What are your best tips?

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