Client Story! First Time Installing Pancrete

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Have you ever had a product do something unexpected? That’s what happened to one of our clients! Shandi, our sales manager, talked to him last week and he told her what happened the first time he installed Pancrete. Read Shandi’s blog post to find out!

I spoke with one of our valued clients today, as he says that they are interested in our newest product, Ceramic Shield (a chiller resurfacer). They have had much success with Pancrete and V570 (a few of our drain pan resurfacers) for the past couple of years.

He is a contractor in California that does large Pancrete/ V570 applications. They like the fact that it sets up really quick and to tell his funny story, he learned this the hard way. On his very first application, he did not realize how fast the product would set up, or maybe he did not believe me. He mixed the product and began very slowly, but then the product started heating up and setting up in the containers. Since then, he has done several successful jobs using Pancrete and V570. We laughed about it, but on another note, we manufacture super easy, DIY products for “ALMOST” anyone to apply, with success.

(As you can see below, Pancrete can easily turn a rusty pan into a bright, fresh new one!)

Pancrete Job Before Pancrete Job After

Now, as we have introduced our new product, Ceramic Shield, he is interested to know how it will bring his company more business, just as Pancrete has. Maybe we’ll be able to get some before and after images of the tube sheets and end caps from the chiller that he is going to test our product on! 

Stay tuned! 

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