A/C Coil Cleaning – an Art or a Science?

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As a busy service technician, what’s often the last thing on your to-do list? For some, it’s cleaning the coils on HVAC units.

Why? It’s messy work, can take up your time, and often feels unnecessary. For those reasons, coil cleaning isn’t usually the first thing that comes up in HVAC conversations.

Over the years, we’ve seen several magazine articles on how to clean coils. More than a dozen contractors have done full-scale tests on coil cleaning. Some have even pulled the entire coil out of the unit and immersed it in cleaning solutions. It’s easy to say that coil cleaning is simple and of little consequence. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

In next month’s newsletter and here on the blog, we’ll share with you the best and easiest ways to clean coils, the benefits for you and for the owner, and all kinds of other important factors.

Do you have questions about coil cleaning? How do you clean coils? 

All questions and comments are welcome! 

Drop us a line at social@cleanac.com or comment on this post! We’ll answer your questions in our upcoming newsletter and blog posts.

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