Be Inspired: TROSA’s Two-Year Program Makes a Difference


With all the negative things going on in the world, it’s always awesome to hear of “light in a dark world.” Every year, we donate our products to an awesome program called TROSA

TROSA is a comprehensive two-year residential substance abuse recovery program in Durham, N.C. They accept substance abusers with one condition: they must have a strong desire to change their lives. TROSA’s program includes vocational training, education, counseling, mentoring, leadership training and continuing care.

The best news of all: the TROSA formula works. TROSA graduates have gone on to live healthy, productive lives as members of their communities and families.

What is even more awesome about this program is that it is available at no cost to the person receiving treatment. TROSA’s funding comes from three primary sources: revenue-generating businesses which provide vocational training for residents; donations from individuals, companies, and foundations; and modest government support. 

Controlled Release Technologies is so thankful and humbled by the fact that we have been able to support TROSA in some way. The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life should not be passed by. To be so close to a place that changes lives is humbling. North Carolina surely has a way of helping and making a difference.

Here is just one success story out of many.  

Alan Seawell:

Over 14 years: that’s how long Alan has been at TROSA. He came as a young man whose family had tried everything to help him beat his addiction. He was divorced, the father of a young son, and facing a possible five-year prison sentence when he made the commitment to accept TROSA’s help and change his life. 

Today when Alan looks around that same campus he sees where he made his mark on TROSA. Today, Alan is TROSA’s Construction Manager and has supervised the construction of 35 housing units, two 75- person dormitories, a multipurpose gymnasium and significant renovation of offices and graduate housing. 

While Alan has left his mark, literally, on the campus, more importantly he’s left his mark in the lives of the residents who have been trained in the construction department. Alan’s commitment to his own recovery is an important example to the men who train as masons, drywall technicians, or painters in his department.

“I love being a mentor, teaching guys new things, giving them an opportunity to take pride in making something real.”

If you’d like to see TROSA’s Story, check out the video below! CRT strongly suggests you consider donating to such a wonderful cause! 

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