How You Can Fight Erosion

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Is your HVAC system shielded from erosion?

As cooling towers wash millions of cubic feet of air, they are constantly pulling in abrasive particles. These particles end up in the cooling tower “sump”, where cooling water is being continuously returned to the chiller unit for cooling. Water is pumped from the bottom of the tower so quickly that it can easily reach 1,500 gallons per minute. This tremendous, high-velocity flow, along with those abrasive particles, can cause major problems on internal surfaces. In addition to the erosion caused by recirculated water, the internal system metals are also contending with possible chemical corrosion.

Our product, Ceramic Shield, is an exciting ceramic chiller coating that protects your HVAC barrels. It is lab-engineered to eliminate metal erosion and chemical corrosion on the inside of HVAC chillers.

Here are three reasons you should consider Ceramic Shield.

Ease of Use

Ceramic Shield is easy to use. Upon shutdown of the HVAC chiller, remove end cap bolts and the end cap from the chiller unit. Then, abrade the tube sheet and end cap to remove accumulated debris and rust from the surface. 

Our ceramic chiller coating only requires one coat, not two or more as with other systems. One coat cuts back markedly on the man-hours needed for remediation. It can be applied by trowel or brush, leaving a smooth, non-sagging, crack-resistant surface. 

As the components of Ceramic Shield come pre-certified as to proper ratios, there is no need to accurately measure the ratio needed for the application, saving valuable man-hours. 

Depending upon temperature, within 48 hours after application, the chiller unit can be placed right back into service. 

Low VOCs

Ceramic Shield has low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), meaning its applications are in compliance with existing regulations regarding volatiles, which can be dangerous to human health or the environment. This contributes to the work safety and health of employees. 

Wide Range of Uses

Erosion and corrosion protection are not just for HVAC systems. They can extend to a wide range of applications, such as water boxes and pipe elbows where erosion can occur as a result of high water velocity. 

Have you used Ceramic Shield? Do you need to start? Let us know your thoughts and experiences! As always, we’re available to answer YOUR questions anytime. Comment below or call us at 704-487-0878.

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