Technically Speaking: Why Use CRT Solutions in your HVAC Air Handler?

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There are 100s of commodity products on the HVAC market.  In a world where A=A  prevails, that is where one product is the same as another which is the same as another and on and on and on, is there any room for exceptions to this rule?

After all the marketing hype is read or listened to,  and “it’s just as good as…” statements are over, the fact remains we all like to get a product that produces in full the results we want with no excuses why it doesn’t work.  It holds true at home, and especially holds true at work.

We don’t want odors inside the air handlers.  We don’t want to see buildup of slime or dirt in the air handler condensate pan because its not sanitary, but also because we know someone has to clean the biological soup mess out.  And if you’re still going through this as part of maintenance, you shouldn’t be wasting your time.

CRT products are engineered to be the best on the market.  They always have been, and are still the best today.

Why?   Take HVAC pans for example.

Microbials are always a factor in condensate drain pans.  They grow easily in condensate pans because the dark and humid conditions are perfect for their growth.  They can cause dirt particles to stick together, and plug up the condensate drain lines – water then overflows onto the floor.  If you are an owner, this can be quite upsetting, as the water could ruin carpeting on floors below, or can get into the concrete under the HVAC unit, where mold continues to grow along with odors.

Its natural for firms to present solutions for this by adding an anti-microbial to kill bacteria and fungal growth within the condensate pan.  Although its seemingly good idea, it almost never works.


Did you know that all microbials can’t be killed by a very low dosage of anti-microbial?   Some may be killed at a small dose of anti-microbial like 5 parts per million (a ppm is a measure of the dosage weight per unit of water flow).

Many others will not be killed unless the dosage rate is over 450 ppm, or some 90 times more.  Therefore, the majority of users do not get enough dosage to handle the varying types of microbes in the condensate drain pan.

Further more, there is another factor – the amount of condensate water flow through the unit.  A small “through-the-wall” PTAC unit of 1 ton, can flow up to 2 gallons of condensate per day.   A larger unit such as a 50 ton unit can flow can flow as much as 200 gallons per day or more.  So here, there is over a 100 times difference in water.   Think of it like taking an aspirin when you have a headache.  Mix the aspirin in a glass of water and drink the water.  Your headache will be addressed.  Now, take this same tablet and mix it evenly in 100 glasses of water.  Drink one glass. You have only taken 1/100th of the aspirin.  Will your headache go away?  Most likely not.

So the lesson is you need to have enough “mass” or weight of the product per volume to work.  If you don’t have it, its not going to work Its as simple as that.

Thats the reason why tossing in small tablets into a large air handler condensate pan does not produce results expected.  Perhaps the user feels better emotionally because he did something, but still, the results are second rate.

CRT’s Algae Guard, the first timed-released product of its type on the market, handles all of this in the background,  Users are 100% certain they will experience zero overflows, and that they won’t be cleaning condensate pans.  Odors arising from the microbes disappear because they are not there.

Furthermore, we have sized out the mass or weight of the product to specifically handle all tonnages of air handlers, so there is absolutely no question the Algae Guard will perform –  no excuses.  You have 100% certainty with Algae Guard.

Although we have well over a decade of field use with this product, we always update formulations to coincide with the latest technology we develop.  Algae Guard today is far better than it was even ten years ago!

We are always here to answer questions on this and other other products we manufacture.  We are all about performance.


Lynn Burkhart is the founder and president of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc. located in Shelby, North Carolina. More information about the company, and its products, can be found at and by calling (800) 766-9057.

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