It’s that time of year again. A time for travel, shopping, much needed down-time, celebration ,and most of all family gathering.

Most of your down time is going to be spent inside and more than likely there will be a Christmas Tree close by. You may enjoy taking down and putting up an artificial tree, however, you may display the live tree. As beautiful as they are, they may pose a threat to your enjoyment.

Funny Christmas Trees - GIFMANIA

Did you ever wonder why your allergies flared more around this time of year? Well, just maybe you’re experiencing Christmas tree syndrome. Seriously, if you chose to have the live tree, think about it. This tree was cut down and stored with moisture on it, until its owner came to purchase it (you). On this tree, rests pollen, mold (which loves moisture), dust, etc. You bring it into your house and then maybe you don’t dust off your ornaments that you used the previous year. Yet, you decorate the tree and head out to complete your holiday endeavors.

According to WebMD, twelve times during a two week period, researchers measured mold counts in a room containing a live Christmas tree, beginning when the tree was brought inside and decorated. The tree was located 10 feet from a heat vent, and the indoor temperature was maintained at between 65 and 68*F. For the first three days, counts remained at 800 spores per cubic meter of air, then began escalating, rising to a maximum of 5,000 spores per cubic meter by day 14, when the tree was taken down.

How to avoid, or at least decrease the blow or impact of the allergens, well I’m glad you asked. One way to decrease the impact of the allergies, is to display your tree at a shorter amount of time. Shake your tree outside, spray with water and let dry outside, before bringing it in to decorate (WBRC News). Also, clean your ornaments before hanging them on your tree, and refrain from spray on decoration.

Just wanted to share that bit of information, so that you may get the most out of your Holiday and enjoy your family.

Please comment below, letting us know your experience, or if you have anything to add to this to help someone.



shandiShandi Maddox, Corporate Client Services Representative of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., a research, development and manufacturing firm based in Shelby, North Carolina. CRT is an IFMA CSP, an EnergyStar Partner and manufacturer of independently-certified Green products for VAC maintenance. Since 1986, CRT has been creating leading edge HVAC maintenance products that have become industry standards, used in thousands of commercial buildings world-wide. CRT employees are members of BOMA, ASHRAE, ASHE and the American Chemical Society.

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