From The Field: Dusty Ducts Inc.


Earlier this week, we held an in-house product and application training session with one of our clients, Dusty Ducts, Inc. out of Forest, Virginia. A few days later I followed up with Jessica Borneman to see if there were any questions left unanswered and to see how they viewed the experience.

dustycrt copy111

Q – How satisfied are you overall with our customer support?
JessicaExtremely satisfied!

Q – How satisfied were you with the event?
Jessica – Extremely satisfied!

Q – Why did you attend our event?
Jessica – To better our knowledge with installing Pancrete and V570.

Q – What were your greatest take-aways from the event?
Jessica – Installing Pancrete on uneven surfaces and around drains.

Q – How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
Jessica – We would recommend this to any customers who want to further their knowledge on Pancrete, or any other products offered by CRT.

Q – Do you have any suggestions for improving the overall experience?
Jessica – Videos of installs. I know it takes a while to work with Pancrete, so practicing while at the event just would not have worked. A time-lapse video would be great in place of “hands on.”

Q – Further comments?
Jessica – Thank you so much for the time and attention with the training day! Everyone at Dusty Ducts enjoyed the day and learned many valuable things to apply in the field. The lunch was fantastic! Everyone at CRT went above and beyond. Looking forward for it to come back to you ten-fold in sales of your products since we are much more educated and confident with them.

chasnewChasity Walker, Publicity Manager of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., a research, development and manufacturing firm based in Shelby, North Carolina. CRT is an IFMA CSP, an EnergyStar Partner and manufacturer of independently-certified Green products for HVAC maintenance. Since 1986, CRT has been creating leading edge HVAC maintenance products that have become industry standards, used in thousands of commercial buildings world-wide. CRT employees are members of BOMA, ASHRAE, ASHE and the American Chemical Society.

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