Tips From “The Girls”: How’s It Sound? Does it Move Them?

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When it comes to customer service and sales, communication and knowledge are both vital. You have to understand and quickly learn who you are talking to on the other end. Everyone is different; and if everyone is different that means that everyone, indeed, communicates differently.

For this reason, it is key to know what you are talking about. When I say, “know what you are talking about,” I mean the actual knowledge behind it from the research, company meetings and simply by asking questions. Memorization is never a good practice to use in customer service or sales. Memorization of words or scripts will leave you with nothing. The end result is that you either came off fake, stupid or boring.

As I said earlier, everyone is different and communicates differently. For instance, some of your clients, the fans and supporters of your company, may want to cut up and talk for hours. Others may want to be strictly to the point and off the phone. So if you are reading from a script, or some other memorization, you sound…

A) Fake; due to saying the same thing the same way all day and never learning who the person really is on the other end.

B) Stupid; because you really have no knowledge of anything, you’re just repeating something someone else said. So when that unexpected question arrives, that you have no idea the answer to…yeah, you sound stupid.

C) Boring; obviously their is no excitement in your voice, Why would there be? You are sick of saying the same thing all day, every day.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely do not want to sound like any of the above. After all, these are our fans and supporters, and they deserve a real person on the other end and a real conversation.

Finally, I’d like to share a quote I saw the other day: “The customer you take for granted Today, will become someone else’s Tomorrow.” So let’s create lasting relationships now!

Perhaps you have a communication technique you use to develop client relationships. If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

chasnewChasity Walker, Social Media Specialist and Marketing Assistant of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., a research, development and manufacturing firm based in Shelby, North Carolina. CRT is an IFMA CSP, an EnergyStar Partner and manufacturer of independently-certified Green products for HVAC maintenance. Since 1986, CRT has been creating leading edge HVAC maintenance products that have become industry standards, used in thousands of commercial buildings world-wide. CRT employees are members of BOMA, ASHRAE, ASHE and the American Chemical Society.

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