Technical Corner: “Looking at the Big Picture”

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Sometimes we all forget to look at the bigger picture. Instead we focus on the task we
are doing right at that moment, and that grabs our attention.

For example, suppose you are an auto mechanic, and a customer comes in with a
roughly running motor. You discover a wire that is faulty, and because it might be under
other equipment, it attracts your full attention.
So, you fix it, the customer pays for the
job and drives away.

A week later he has his car towed back to your shop. Y0u look and see that the fan belt
was slipping, and is almost fallen off. You may wonder why it hadn’t fallen off already in

Well, the facts are that when the car was in the garage in the first place, a little extra
looking might have easily identified the belt needed replacement when he was in.
At the
same time, perhaps you noticed that the battery terminals were full of buildup.

Again, it’s looking at the full scope of things that needs to be done. Even if the
customer hadn’t the money to fix everything, he would appreciate knowing. In the first
case when the person’s car broke down after taking it home from your garage, the
customer might have thought “I just was at his garage, and my car broke down!”

Most people might say this, as they have an “A” = “A” mentality of “Joe’s garage =
problems”. After all, he had a problem when he arrived there, and now he has another
problem, so it must be Joe – maybe Joe is just “bad karma” or something of that sort.

In our business of HVAC hygiene and remediation, looking at the big picture is also vital.
For example, if a contractor or indeed the building’s work staff, spend the time to
refurbish the air handler with V-570 or Pancrete, wouldn’t it be good to also check the
AC filter racks? These often get corroded and allow air to bypass the filters, and
unfiltered air causes the unit to run less efficiently, no matter how much the owner
spends for filters.

Applying V-570 to the filter racks helps prevent future corrosion, and helps to keep the
seals between the filter and filter rack stronger. Added to this is the fact that a) V-570
visually enhances the unit, and b) helps control the growth of odors.
It is also very
effective to coat the floor immediately in front of the filter rack with our non-skid V-570.
Doing these things are easy when you are already working on the unit, as opposed to
making a special trip.

This sort of thinking applies to other types of work. Do yourself a favor and look at the
big picture of how you can help the customer.

Comments or questions can be added below.

lynnLynn Burkhart is the founder and president of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc. located in Shelby, North Carolina. More information about the company, and its products, can be found at and by calling (800) 766-9057.

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