From the Field: “Hope is not unreal, we can reach out and grab it.”

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As an ambassador for the Cleveland County Chamber, I was recently invited by the President of Membership Services, Vickie Tesseneer, to attend the Refresh Leadership Webinar. Along with Jon, Chasity and Kristen, we traveled to Gaston College to watch a live simulcast of the event. Going in I thought it would be interesting, but I was surprised by how much fun I had and how much I learned.

The Refresh Leadership Webinar was nothing short of life touching. The speakers focused on several different areas, from work to personal life. One of those speakers was Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of, founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures, columnist, best-selling author, and former chief evangelist for Apple. Mr. Kawasaki spoke on how to influence people’s hearts, minds, and actions for the purpose of bringing about voluntary, enduring, and delightful change.

Another speaker was Amanda Gore. For over 20 years, she has been one of America’s and Australia’s most admired professional speakers. Ms. Gore says, “The spirit in which we do anything determines the outcome, whether positive or negative.” Her expertise is in transforming the spirit of people and cultures by changing attitudes, improving relationships, connecting people, and managing change, leadership innovation, and team dynamics.

Last but not least, was Terry Bradshaw, who was our favorite speaker of the day. Mr. Bradshaw is widely known for being one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, a four-time Super Bowl Champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP, who spent his entire career with the Pittsburg Steelers.

According to Kristen, “Terry Bradshaw taught me several things at the Refresh Leadership conference, but most of all he taught me that I should take a step back and look at how I am impacting others’ lives. He taught me that success comes from loving myself and being happy in everything that I am doing.”

In Bradshaw’s own words: “Hope drives us, Hope keeps us going. Hope is not unreal, we can reach out and grab it. Our Joy cannot be impaired by anything or touched by anything, our Joy cannot be taken unless we allow it to be. I choose to be happy and I choose to absolutely love myself. I wake up every morning and I put a smile on my face because ain’t God great!”

If you have recently attended any motivational seminars, let us know. We would love to hear about your different experiences.

shandifix2Shandi Maddox, Corporate Client Services Representative of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., a research, development and manufacturing firm based in Shelby, North Carolina. CRT is an IFMA CSP, an EnergyStar Partner and manufacturer of independently-certified Green products for HVAC maintenance. Since 1986, CRT has been creating leading edge HVAC maintenance products that have become industry standards, used in thousands of commercial buildings world-wide. CRT employees are members of BOMA, ASHRAE, ASHE and the American Chemical Society.

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