Product Spotlight: Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption Through Proper Cleaning

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HVAC systems account for over half of the energy used in commercial and residential buildings. For this reason alone, it is important to keep energy expenditures to a minimum. Excessive energy use by the HVAC system is usually due to improper or irregular maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, a regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance plan helps sustain HVAC equipment while reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

One of the main causes of HVAC energy consumption is due to thermal discomfort. Occupants are dissatisfied with the buildings thermal temperature and adjust the thermostat, increasing energy costs. However, proper cleaning and preventive maintenance allow the HVAC system to quickly obtain and maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels. The HVAC system works less to heat or cool the building, which satisfies both occupants and building owners.

At CRT, we have developed the following products to clean HVAC systems. By using our Quick Cleansing Product Line, coils, condensate pans, and system interiors remain clean and buildup free, saving users money and making HVAC systems more efficient.

Fast Attack
Fast Attack is an EPA registered, concentrated iodine sanitizer. Iodine was chosen as the active ingredient, as its effectiveness is well known and widely used in hospitals and laboratories. Fast Attack quickly and conveniently cleans and sanitizes the interior surfaces of HVAC systems, removing odor-causing algae, fungus, bacteria and mold.

Instant Powder Kegs
Instant Powder Kegs is a highly concentrated cleaning powder that removes efficiency-hindering buildup from all HVAC coils. Unlike other coil cleaners, instead of diluting down the product, Instant Powder Kegs is mixed up with water to the desired strength. Instant Powder Kegs will not separate or leak, and is easily transportable due to its compact nature.

Clean Bond
Clean Bond is a concentrated liquid cleaner that is also used when preparing HVAC air handler units for resurfacing. When diluted, Clean Bond cleans and removes efficiency-hindering buildup and grease from all HVAC system metal surfaces. When concentrated, Clean Bond inhibits flash rusting, and is formulated to act as an additional adhesion agent.

For more information on our products please visit our website at, and feel free to add comments below.

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