Technical Corner: Cleaning and Coating HVAC Systems to Improve the Bottom Line

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Recently, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association requested I write an article for their association magazine, DucTales. The following is an excerpt from that article:

Most often, owners or managers of buildings have little forewarning that an air handler may be on its last leg. Frequently, a HVAC owner receives an unexpected notice that an air handler needs to be replaced, which puts a strain on the annual budget. Additionally, it is usually the case that when one air handler needs to be replaced, the others are not too far behind, as all were probably installed at the same time.

The lifespan of a HVAC unit has a tremendous impact on the overall costs per year of ownership. A unit that is viable for 30 years will offer a better return on investment than a unit that only lasts 20 years, as long as efficiencies are maintained. Coatings can and will improve the cost of ownership through useful life extension, and can be a significant driving force in management electing to opt for this preventive measure. It is no secret that refurbishing units, rather than replacing them, can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for the owner.

For the whole article visit:

Lynn Burkhart is the founder and president of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc. located in Shelby, North Carolina. More information about the company, and its products, can be found at and by calling (800) 766-9057.

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