Water in Ductwork, NOT TODAY!

Have you heard the following things listed OVER & OVER again in regards to your HVAC unit?

“No one wants any sort of strain on their HVAC unit. Strain that could cause many problems that are an extra cost to you. Such as:

-Higher energy bill
-Frequent maintenance on your HVAC unit
-HVAC replacement

There are many ways to keep your HVAC unit stress free. Below are just a few basic steps you can take to keep your HVAC system stress free. Very easy stuff, and they each only take a few moments of your time.

-Keep vents clear
-Keep those coils clean
-Change out the air filters regularly”

BUT, one thing that goes unmentioned quite often is the ductwork. Of course it would. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Did you know, ductwork carries the warmth in the winter and holds the cool air in the summer. Without proper ductwork insulation, the temperature of the air being carried could be lost while transferring from the HVAC unit to the vents in your home. Ductwork can also play a major role in your energy bill. Even the Department of Energy claims so.

So, you see how important ductwork is. What if just a little bit of water entered your ductwork from the HVAC system? It’s just a little water. No biggie, right? Actually, YES! Even the smallest water droplet is a huge deal! To name a few, it can cause the following:

-Rust out metal ductwork
-Breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria
-Decrease Indoor Air Quality greatly
-Water damage
-Degradation & De-lamination

Although, water in the ductwork can cause many problems. Your health alone should be enough reason to want to get your ductwork checked out. Exposure to mold can lead to allergies, infections, rashes, even alzheimer’s. The list just goes on and on.

When water gets in the insulation in your ductwork, those water droplets fly through your airstream. These water droplets create a breeding ground for mold & mildew. Water droplets will wreak havoc on the insulation in the ductwork causing degradation & de-lamination. Not only would this be tearing your insulation apart to later be replaced (more bucks from your pocket) but that delaminated insulation would be freely roaming the air in your home (remember you & your family are breathing this).

Why worry about water in your ductwork causing this step ladder of issues when there is a solution?

For the new home-owner, why not be preventative & go ahead and protect yourself?

Ductile is a coating that protects the HVAC ductwork from degradation and insulation de-lamination. Ductile locks down fiberglass particles that would enter the air stream. Hallelujah!
No stress of your insulation breaking down & no worries about your health. Did you hear that, NO STRESS!


Contact us for more information on Ductile. Shandi or Candice will be more than happy to give you some information. 800-766-9057 or if you’re like me and prefer email reach out to sales@cleanac.com or custserv@cleanac.com

Asbestos: Silent Killer


Did you know…

“The major health problem caused by asbestos exposure, aside from cancer, is a lung disease called asbestosis. When a person breathes high levels of asbestos over time, some of the fibers lodge deep in the lungs. Irritation caused by the fibers can eventually lead to scarring (fibrosis) in the lungs”

-American Cancer Society

What is asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of six types of naturally occurring minerals. Asbestos minerals are made up of fine, durable fibers and are resistant to heat, fire and many chemicals. Once called the “miracle mineral” for such properties, asbestos was used in a slew of everyday products, from building materials to fireproof protective gear.

Abestos is not anything to play around with when it comes to our health. Asbestos were banned in the US in 1999. However, if you have a home that was built before this time…

According to the EPA, here are places (to only name a few) that asbestos can be.

  • Attic and wall insulation produced containing vermiculite
  • Vinyl floor tiles and the backing on vinyl sheet flooring and adhesives
  • Roofing and siding shingles
  • Textured paint and patching compounds used on wall and ceilings
  • Walls and floors around wood-burning stoves protected with asbestos paper, millboard, or cement sheets
  • Hot water and steam pipes coated with asbestos material or covered with an asbestos blanket or tape
  • Oil and coal furnaces and door gaskets with asbestos insulation
  • Heat-resistant fabrics
  • Automobile clutches and brakes




2016 AHR Expo Orlando

H16-TEMP-HOME-A-01-1.jpgThe world’s largest HVACR Marketplace – AHR Expo is at the end of this month!

Register now for free for limited time!

Don’t forget to go register at https://registration3.experientevent.com/ShowAHR161/

What is the AHR Expo?

The AHR Expo is a tradeshow with manufacturers showing the latest equipment and services spanning the HVACR Industry. The AHR Expo also has its own education component with sessions and workshops provided by leading Industry associations, government and not-for-profit organizations.

This year there will be over 2,000 exhibitors displaying the most advanced products & technology, to more than 60,000 HVACR professionals.

Curious if you should register to attend?

This show is for these HVACR Professionals

Type of Business

Contractors/Dealers, Engineering, Design & Construction, Distribution, Manufacturers of HVAC&R , Allied Equipment & Components, Facility/Building/Plant Mgt. & Operations, Public Utilities, Publishing/Education, and Other Allied to the Field

Job Function

Senior Management, Engineer/Architect, Operations/Maintenance, Technician, Purchasing, Research/Product Design & Development, Marketing/Sales, Consultant, Other Allied to the Field, and Publishing/Education

Looking for these products & services

AC, Heating & Refrigeration Systems, Equipment & Components, Building Automation, Controls & Facility Management Products, Specialized Climate Control Systems, Radiant Heating & Hydronic Systems, Plumbing Products, Ventilation, Air Movement & IAQ Products, Labor-saving Tools, Software, Business Support Services

2016 AHR Expo When & Where

Orange County Convention Center 

North/South Building

9899 International Drive

Orlando, Florida 32819

(Show entrance is on the south side)

Show Dates & Hours

Monday, January 25 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday, January 26 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Wednesday, January 27 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Show Management Home Office

International Exposition Company

15 Franklin Street

Westport, CT 06880

Tel: 203-221-9232

Email: info@ahrexpo.com

All Information found at http://www.ahrexpo.com/


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